Fed-up British holidaymakers are finally voicing their opinions on their hotel gripes. From cleaners barging in without warning, to buffet food that’s cold, but shouldn’t be, and selfish holidaymakers using towels to reserve sun loungers round the pool, all these things can raise the blood pressure somewhat!

So some people are leaving their cars in the capable hands of Airport Parking Company and booking self-catering holidays.

A website, holidaylettings, decided to take a look at what really winds people up about hotels.

Concerns were expressed about a lack of space in some having to get dressed for breakfast, and noise from neighbouring rooms can tend to wind people up. And, after all, you go on holiday to relax, not to get stressed!

Ross Elder, who is the MD of holidaylettings, says: “British holidaymakers have long been fans of self-catering holidays. But recently the real benefits of the holiday home have come to the fore, with holidaymakers appreciating the value, space and flexibility this vacation delivers.”

Top 10 hotel gripes

  1. Lack of space and private facilities
  2. Price – especially when there’s more than two of you
  3. Astronomical mini bar prices
  4. Cleaners ‘tidying up’ possessions when they should only be making the bed
  5. Being able to hear the TV, screaming kids in the room next door
  6. Having to get washed and dressed for breakfast (and by a certain hour)
  7. Cleaners coming in unannounced
  8. Knowing the best food is gone or has been sitting ‘warming’ for a long time if you turn up late for breakfast or the buffet dinner
  9. People who ‘reserve’ sun loungers
  10. Chintz