The Many and Varied Advantages of Airport Hotels

When thinking of jetting away overseas for a holiday or business trip, it is essential that you take care of all the factors which can make or break your journey. Of course, parking will be one of the most vital factors if you are going to be driving to and from the airport. Airport hotels with parking can be a very beneficial option in this respect as they can provide you with safe, secure and very cost-effective pre-arranged parking facilities.

Secure Airport Parking

Secure Airport Parking

As well as being very affordable, spending the night before flying in an airport hotel can be advantageous in several other ways. For instance, driving to the airport a full day before your flight is due to leave can alleviate you of all the stress and hassle that comes with same-day driving. Certainly, traffic jams and road works are far less of an issue when you have an entire extra day to get to your destination!

In addition, spending the night at an airport hotel can also be advantageous if you are travelling away on business. Indeed, being able to go over your notes and make last-minute preparations in the comfortable surroundings of your airport hotel room is far more preferable to crunching numbers on the actual flight.

Quite simply, an unhurried journey, secure airport car parks, a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast is what you can look forward to when you book a night at an airport hotel. Compare that with a stressful drive; a couple of hours sleep, and some fast-food offerings from inside the terminal and it is clear to see that the advantages of airport hotel establishments really are many and varied.

And of course, this doesn’t just apply to starting your journey either. Indeed, airport hotel rooms can also be a Godsend when you fly back to the UK, especially if your return flight is especially long or arrives in the middle of the night. After all, the prospect of jumping straight in the car and driving a few more hours to get to your bed is far less appealing than simply leaving the terminal, trotting over to your hotel and being asleep within fifteen minutes.

Although many of the airport hotel establishments that offer parking facilities are located close to the terminal buildings, there are some which are not within walking distance. This is not a problem however as these hotels have regular transfer services that are able to swiftly take you to and from wherever you need to be.

Most hotels that offer parking packages provide between eight and fifteen days of on-site or off-site parking with the possibility to book a car park for more days if you need to. Moreover, the airport car parking services they provide are very safe and secure as CCTV cameras, security patrols, and entrance and exit barriers are all standard features. In fact, some airport hotel car park facilities are so secure that they hold the prestigious Park Mark Safer Award.

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