Looking to buy? Best places to buy property in the UK

Recent statistics show that the property market is stabilising and is fast becoming the ideal buyer’s market. We know that buying a property and investing in real estate is a big decision, so it’s only right that you take some time to look at your options before you decide where you might want to buy property in the UK.

We compare property recommendations for flats and houses, and we look at which areas are proving to be the best property investment hot spots for home buyers. Here are our top property location tips for your new property investment venture.

Cheap and cheerful: property in Wales

Wales might be one of the UK’s favourite holiday destinations but it’s also well-known for being a top property hotspot for first-time buyers with the average property ranking in the cheapest in the UK. You can expect to pay around £28,600 for your home in Wales, houses for sale in Swansea offer great value – ideal for first-time buyers, property investors or those with a bit of extra cash who are considering entering into a rental-friendly market.

Well-connected: Kent

Also known as the Garden of England, Kent has attracted local and international property investment for quite some time. It is closely situated to London and this proximity, coupled with the ease of access and excellent transport links, makes it the ideal country escape for working professionals. Attractive and well-connected, a Kent family home will set you back at least £200,000.

A rental paradise with plenty of charm: Oxford

If you’re interested in buying a house in Oxford then your pockets need to be deep enough to hold at least £500,000 for a family home in the East. Well-situated, a home like this is an excellent investment if you’re considering cashing in on the University rental demands and local corporate traffic. It’s a great place for holiday-makers who wish to see a bit of the countryside, too.

Coastal Cornish Property

Cornwall has long figured in books of old as an idyllic coastal escape, but thanks to international interest and the length of the runway at Newquay Airport, it’s far more accessible now than it was previously. Snapping up properties here will set you back at least six figures, but the holiday rental potential is exceptional and the unique scenery and natural surroundings make it an ideal investment that will certainly offer returns in the future.

Invest in long-standing London for property that pays

London has always been maintained as the ideal property location for international and local investors looking into buying a house that will offer significant returns. Whether you want to hold onto a home for rental opportunities or turn it over for a profitable sale, the capital’s property options are endless. Wapping offers three-figured properties in an excellent location and is rated in the top ten property hot spots in the UK. It’s the only London post code to make it into the most desirable property list.

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