TV Repair Companies in London & Crawley

Top TV Repairs Companies in London UK

Here are some of the Company which provides TV Repairs Services in London and areas around London.

  1. CESN TV Repairs London :Serving London and the Southern Home Counties CESN is your high quality and quick response consumer all kind of tv repair service provider.
  2. TV Repair Man: TV Repair Man offer fixed price repairs inclusive of labour and parts regardless of the fault.
  3. Repair TV London:TV not working? Do not worry. Give us a call and we’ll get you back to enjoying holding your remote control again. Here at Consumonics (RepairTV) we offer a quick home call out service at a time that suits you.
  4. Home TV Repairs London:Want a quick and reasonably priced repair of your television?  If so then you are at the right place.  In these days of economic uncertainty many people are looking to repair their faulty television rather than go and spend a lot of hard earned money on a new television.
  5. Supertronics: We offers a quick professional and friendly TV repair service.Our engineers are fully qualified and have years of experience,in most case’s we can give an estimate on the phone providing we are given the make and model of your TV.We also offer a part exchange option should you wish to upgrade your old or faulty TV.
  6. Ring4Repairs: Gosport based TVs  Repair company. Professional experienced repairs of TV, LCD, Plasma, Rear Projection and more…
  7. LG Repairs Crawley: LG Repairs can fix all kinds of LG electronic products including LCD TVs, Cameras, and LG Mobile Phones
  8. Kent TV Repair: Kent Repair TV offer a quick home call out service at a time that suits you. Our Engineer will keep you full detail of repairs cost and keep you up to date during this process.
  9. tvs services can supply kenmark spares ,remotes ,power supplies and instruction books to trade and end user.
    contact tvs-services for any help required.
  10. London TV Repairs: London TV Repair provide repair services to business and domestic customers…
  11. TV Repair London: LCD and Plasma TV repairs service in London and surrounding areas. Home entertainment installations.

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Some important Question and Possible Answer Regarding TV Repairs Services

  1. Is my TV worth Fixing/Repairing?
    • Well that depends on a few things. If the TV is dead how good was the picture before it went out? If it wasn’t that good you may have other or major problems. Are you ready for a new set or were you happy enough with yours before it broke?
  2. Do you do serve Call?
    • Yes we do but of course that costs extra. TV Repairs Service calls are currently £xx.00 whether or not the set gets fixed or can be fixed at your location. It is going to be cheaper if you bring the set in. Everyone wants the lowest prices and bringing the unit in will help with this.
  3. Will you call first with an estimate?
    • Yes if the price will exceed the flat rate set for your device on the flat rate page. And if we can get you on the phone. We are not going to repeatedly call until we get you on the phone. In other words make yourself available.
  4. When can i bring a TV set in?
    • Any time between 8:30 am and 4:30pm if they are portable sets. Call first for consoles or projection sets. Make sure that you have the manpower to carry the set as we are not responsible for unloading and loading the units. If you need help loading or unloading the set call first to ensure that we have someone available to help.
  5. Do you do back up your work?
    • Of course we do. But do not expect us to repair things that were not originally described as the problem. We only warranty the original complaint and parts.
  6. Is there a fee up front?
    • Yes £xx.00 in advance applied to the repair. This Fee covers the costs of parts needed for diagnostics.
  7. Can i call and ask for an estimates without bringing the TV in?
    • Not really because with electronics there are just too many variables and we must be able to see and test the unit to actually give a reasonable estimate. At best we would only give you a wild guess.

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    Is it really a good time to take a out a mortgage right now? How do we know thehouse prices haven’t finished falling? Everyone I know losing their home!

  2. Crawley TV Repair Company
    June 1, 2010 at 9:46 am

    Crawley Based TV repair company, we can repair all kind of TVs, from lcd to old style tv and our costs are very reasonable. we provide quick and reliable services to the local of crawley, our engineer will try to fix tv at spot and if they can not they will tell you the time when they will delivered your tv and we will keep you up to date during this course. We have 100s of satisfied domestic and commercial customers.

  3. Willard Escoto
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