Product Design Lecturer


* Design course curriculum materials in Product Design
* Plan and deliver these lessons clearly
* Develop students’ creativity and problem solving skills through study, research and practical projects
* Ensure student discipline
* Assist with school promotional activities


* At least a Bachelors Degree in Product Design or Industrial Design, or equivalent from a recognized academic institution
* At least 5 years’ industry experience with a credible portfolio
* Preferably 2 years lecturing experience in Product Design or any other relevant areas of study
* Can adapt to a multi-cultural setting with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to handle students of different nationalities
* Willing to relocate to one of our Asian campus

Human Resource Executive
RafflesEducation Corporation
99 Beach Road, Singapore (189701)


Tel: 6338 5288 Ext: 955

Fax: 63366278

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