Being abroad but not being able to spend much money can be a real pain. After all, when you’ve paid to travel overseas in the first place, it’s a shame not be able to make the most of your experiences.

However, if you’re savvy, you can ensure your cash stretches that bit further, meaning you might be able to get that extra sangria, or take that sightseeing trip after all. For example, by making sure you book cheap airport car parking, you stand to save a few bob. Also, it’s important to choose your destination carefully.

Travel barometer

According to a Post Office Travel Barometer, UK tourists can now benefit from more favourable exchange rates in many destinations compared with last year. The organisation noted that the pound is up against the euro, with £1 pound buying around 1.23 euros, the Mirror reports. This is an improvement on the 1.04 euros it bought last summer.

It means the average family can benefit from an additional £52 in their pockets compared with last year when they head to eurozone destinations.

Where to go

For the best deals, many people may be heading to Corfu, where items have fallen in price by 24 per cent, while in Majorca prices are down by 15 per cent. Meanwhile, in Spain, prices have come down by four per cent.

Outside the eurozone, trips to Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are also providing impressive value for money.

Great news

Commenting on the favourable conditions, Post Office head of travel money Andrew Brown said: “Sterling’s growing strength is great news for families heading abroad during the school holidays to avoid the washout weather in the UK. The sterling gain extends to other European currencies too, which means that families travelling to the continent in the coming weeks can cash in on some great value.

“However, while there are few places where the pound is not packing a stronger punch, our advice to people who have yet to book is to keep a close eye on exchange rates for all the destinations they are considering to see where they will get the most for their money.”

Park up in total confidence

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A simple way to save cash

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